The First Week (la prima settimana)

Italian is a beautiful language and the culture just as beautiful…after my first week. The first week has been difficult.  Arriving in Jesi (yesi) I found that my accommodation for two months was a hostel with a shared room and … Read More

Arriving in Italy

Leaving Marco Polo Airport in Venice… What a trooper! Cindy just spent three days and over 1,000 kilometers in the car to visit both Colorno near Parma and Jesi near Ancona where I will be staying. This was the start … Read More

Getting it fresh!

Tomorrow I’m making dinner for Cindy’s book club. I needed FRESH mushrooms and the only place I know that is consistently producing mushrooms is on the western side of the Vosge. So… It started to pour as soon as I … Read More

Always a Plan B

Walking in the forest today I noticed how the season had changed and how different from last year it was. I was taking the last walk for the year in the Harthwald before leaving for Italy.   I was struck … Read More