Die vollendeten Pilger – Martin Stutz

picture of Martin Stutz and Eric Christenson after climbing to the top of O Cebreiro

After the long hike up to O Cebreiro

I met Martin on the way down the mountain from Cruz del Ferro.   He is a Swiss guy from Bern who walked more than 3,000 km from the German / Polish border in Görlitz to Santiago.  I had the privilege to walk with him for a few days after El Acebo and to walk into Santiago with him.   He was most kind in accommodating my bad German which gave me a chance to practice while we walked.  I believe I may have introduced him to some new foods other than Berner Platte mit “shukky bohnen”.  He was great company and always gracious and cheerful.

Click here to visit his website and blog. You’ll see he has a passionate and creative take on life.   If you would like to read it in English you can use the auto-translate feature of the Chrome browser.

As of now, he is on his way to Finistere.  After that, probably a tramp steamer to Costa Rica for some time on the beach and to practice his Spanish.


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